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In brief:

Courses in development planned to begin late 2021.

See overall description and tuition details in this section. 

In this section:
  • Meet people in depth, heart, and soul
  • Admission and tuition
  • What is included

Meeting people in depth, heart, and soul

These courses are designed to give you connection:

  • With the Elements

  • With the navigation process of mythic imagination

  • With other supportive amazing learners

  • With the world of ritual work

  • With teachers and traditions

They are structured as 5 week mentored zoom courses and may also be run in person in the future.


They are suitable for those interested in "dipping their toes" into the water of Medicine work. They will focus on particular patterns which underlay the complexities of ritual literacy.

The programs are currently in development and our target date for initiation is late 2021.


Admission and tuition

Open admission.  Groups are limited to 20 (Minimum 10)

Cost is $250 AUD or CAD | € 170 | 210 USD per course.
Scheduling for Australia | Europe | North America.

BONUS INCLUDED: One year in private membership site

What is included?

Courses follow the same format for ease of organization. They may be offered in as many as four semesters per year, beginning in February, May, August, and November.

Mentors are approved by Randy Jones and course content is reviewed or written by Wild Genius. And they will be a delight—as John Cleese said, "He who laughs most, learns best."

Each course will also have a free one hour introduction Zoom call where you can meet the course Mentor.


Topics in development are below, and we intend to have them available to run beginning in November of 2021.

  • Zoom calls facilitated by a mentor (5 Weekly 2 hour )

  • Workbooks and curated extra content

  • One year membership in our private online platform

moderated by course mentor

(Value $120 AUD or CAD | € 80 Euro | $95 USD)

"Known and Unknown, and

in between,

the Doors of Perception"

Aldous Huxley
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Journeys | Workshops | Brochure
In this section:
  • Earth: Boundaries, Welcome & Recognition
  • Mineral: Separation, Life Purpose & Initiation
  • Water: Grief, Praise & Reconnection
  • Fire: Injured Lineage, Mythic Allies & Intuition
  • Nature: Reaction, Response & Eco-logic

Earth: Boundaries, Welcome & Recognition

  1.    Introduction to Welcoming and  Homecoming

  2.    A Practical Review of Boundaries

  3.    The guile of Recognition

  4.    Abundance of the Earth

  5.    Online Earth Ritual

Mineral: Separation, Life Purpose &

  1.    Structure of Creating

  2.    Life Purpose, Wounds and Wild Genius

  3.    The Guile of Initiation

  4.    On the Track of a Medicine Name

  5.    Online Mineral Ritual

Water: Grief, Praise &

  1.    Poetics of Grief and Praise

  2.    A Room Full of Grief and Praise

  3.    The Guile of Reconnection

  4.    The Leadership of Poverty and Blessing

  5.    Online Water Ritual

Fire: Injured Lineage, Mythic Allies &

  1.    Power of the Ancestors

  2.    Legacies of Permission and Taboos

  3.    The Guile of Intuition

  4.    Youth, Eldership, and Sustainability

  5.    Online Fire Ritual

Nature: Reaction, Response &

  1.    The Structure of Ritual

  2.    A Primer on Kinetic Connection and Ringmaster

  3.    The Guile of Eco-logic

  4.    Initiated Knowledge

  5.    Online Nature Ritual

“Tourists don't know where they've been,

Travellers don't know where they're going.”

Paul Theroux
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Life Purpose

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Grief Listening


Praise Talk

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Injured Lineage


Mythic Allies

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Journeys | Workshops | Structure
In this section:
  • Registration
  • Preparation
  • On the call
  • In between calls
  • Following the course:   bonus and extras


Details will be posted on this page. After a welcome call, and registering, join up on the online platform in your class group with a short introduction of yourself. There you will find the materials to read or view before the first class. Coming November 2021


Preparing for each class is meant to take an hour. There will be reading, videos to watch, or small projects to do.

On the call

All of this work involves personal reflection, so we will spend the first 30 minutes doing a check in for the group members. There will be a teaching section, with opportunity for questions. The first half will end with a short break.


When we return, we will have small breakout groups, to deepen the learning with discussion. The assignment for the upcoming week will be explained. Some time will be given for questions and discussion, and the class will complete. 

In between calls

Report on your weekly assignment in the group chat. Posting topics for discussion and visiting is encouraged. The studio is moderated by the course Mentor.

Following the course:  bonus and extras

Your membership in the online platform is included for 12 months. As more courses are active, the participants from different courses can meet in the general area.

At any time, you can book a one hour 1 to 1 call with your course mentor for a reduced cost of $80 CAD equivalent.

“I believe we learn by practice.”

Martha Graham
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Journeys | Workshops | Registration
In this section:
  • Registration Details Coming November 2021

Registration Details Coming November 2021

Registering for the course and registering for the online platform are two independent steps.

Register for the course . . . 

Register for the online platform . . . 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

“Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain
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