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Map, Compass, and Practice in the Realm of the Sacred

The Modern Trouble:

A poisonous storm—feelings of exile, confused purpose, overwhelming grief and disintegrated lineages—forcing an endless, ineffective, crisis of reaction.

The Indigenous Remedy:

A personal and cultural revivalof discerning intimacy, initiated purpose, emotional affirmation, ancestral support and response-ability to our time.

Medicine Without an Expiry Date:

An ancient map:  The Elements

An unlikely compass:  Myth

A storm worthy practice:  Ritual

As if we might really be "All Relations."

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5 Journeys (What is offered here):


Advanced Work


Americas | AUS



Ritual Leadership

Weekly Zoom + 1 on 1
Cohort maximum 20
Limited Travel

$200-$300 CAD/m
$165-250 USD/m
Immersion | Initiation


Intermediate Work



Europe | Americas



Myth & Ritual

Monthly Zoom + 1 on 1
Cohort maximum 20
Limited Travel

€300 EURO 3 months
$445 CAD / 3 months
Ancient | Emergent


All Levels Welcome


Europe | CA | AUS



Healing & Village

Evening, Day, Weekend
In person, Residential

Tuition varies
Experiential | Healing
Food & Accommodation


All Levels Welcome




5 Week Courses


Mentoring Guide

5 weeks x 2 hour Zoom
Cohorts maximum 20
At Home

$250 CAD equivalent
€170 EURO
Practical | Support


Beginner Suitable





Self Guided

 5 Weeks Online or Independent Study
Free or Zoom

~ 2 hours per week
GIFT or $250 CAD
Introduction | Elements

5 Elements Medicine (Map of Trials and Blessings): The Grit, The Grace & The Guile












Life Purpose




Grief Listening


Praise Talk




Injured Lineage


Mythic Allies








Greeting (a courteous welcome and short introduction to this work):


Glad you dropped by!  You probably want to see if this is relevant to you. Then you’ll want to check out the credibility and the value of the work. I've done my best to answer those questions immediately. Your next best step should feel right—and also suit your own sense of style.


If you feel this calling you in a good way, welcome.


If you decide something else is closer to your needs, I wish you the best, safety on the road, strong allies, long days.

In this section:
  • Is this the Journey that brought you Here?
  • Keep Going. Your work is Needed
  • The World, and our Lives, are Burning
  • What People Say about the Facilitator

Is this the Journey that brought you Here?

Healing has many facets. We know that it is related to our emotions, community, spirit, embodiment, ancestors, nature. Are you at the point of wanting a context that includes it all? One that will speak to the Grit as well as the Grace? One that reconnects you to the natural wisdom and Guile of your indigenous soul? One that demands including the "Other-than-Human"?

We were never meant to travel this journey alone.

Do you have the sensitive heart of an artist? Maybe you have been the black sheep, living on the edge. You have managed to escape being completely taken over by the modern world. You know something is desperately, fundamentally, wrong with the way humanity has been destroying the complexity of the world. You have worked on healing enough to understand that there are layers.


At first, it was perhaps to help yourself. But your exploration didn't stop there. It became a path. You read more books, took more courses, started piecing modalities together in your own understanding. Maybe you are now teaching. Even so, no matter your human age, you are headed toward leadership, Eldership.


For you, the path is not the good work of activism, or a specialization in permaculture, or the dream of green technologies. Your path is the activism of healing. Your path is the permaculture of resilient culture. Your path is the green technology of ritual. Your path is the work of the soul, maybe through ritual.

This much we know . . . might be true.

Randy Jones, Author of

Medicine Without

an Expiry Date:

Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble


Keep Going. Your Work is Needed in the World.

Wherever you have arrived from, whatever you have been through, I know the road has been hard. Wherever you are going, there will be challenges ahead.

This place is for the "mad ones" as Jack Kerouac called us, the ones full of passion and willing to live life alive. William Stafford admonished:

"It is important that awake people be awake . . .

the darkness around us is deep."

Thank you for doing what it took for you to arrive at this place and time to consider conversation about Grit,  Grace & Guile. Maybe this will suit your style.

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Thanks for stopping by.


Keep Going. Your work is needed in the world.

If you feel this might be your gang  . . . welcome, read on.


The world, and our lives, are burning.

Myth instructs us that there are two types of water to apply to calm inferno—the waters of death and the waters of life. These are the spiritual Grit and Grace required in this time. They are needed medicines.

The unhealed trauma of previous generations is passed down when the w