Meet the Cast of Characters



Randy Jones
A unique style of facilitating what has become an increasingly necessary experiential discourse between humans, nature, and the spirit world.
Perth, Australia | Vancouver, BC
Assistant Facilitator
A barefoot poet, student of Giants, and fierce protector of grief, the mother of two wildings, and Assistant Facilitator of the Gatekeeper Apprenticeship.
Perth, Australia

Office Assistant
Original work to bury stories. Creator of flat and wrinkled landscapes. Inventor of humour. Specializes in the healing arts and tail chasing.



To read perspectives on apprenticeship:

Tina Schomburg
Gatekeeper Apprenticeship
Tina has travelled extensively and faced major illness. She currently teaches Yoga and works in health care running wellness programs, hosting families, and counselling.
Robyn Fila
Gatekeeper Apprenticeship
Robyn is a mother and traveller and works in higher education. She mentors young people on studies in Southeast Asia through international internship programs .
Victoria, BC

Cat Gibbs
Gatekeeper Apprenticeship
Cat is a mentor and mother. She coaches home-learning families outside the school system working with nature, attachment parenting and children's innate, wild natures.
Salt Spring Island, BC​

Sequoia Lesowski
Gatekeeper Apprenticeship
Sequoia is a father of three with a background as a naturalist and mycologist who has run outdoor education programs and almost everything else under the sun.
Salt Spring Island, BC
Evan MacLeod
Gatekeeper Apprenticeship
Evan holds a theatre degree from Red Deer College and his latest project was co-writing and performing in Powwow! Ohcîwin The Origins at Red Deer Museum.
Victoria, BC

Tina Schomburg
Gatekeeper Apprenticeship
Tina has travelled extensively and faced major illness. She currently teaches Yoga and works in health care running wellness programs, hosting families, and counselling.
Dr. Who
Time Lord
Traveller extraordinaire, dazzling epicure of style and guile, the Doctor specializes in assisting humanity with tricky and sticky situations to avoid extinction.
TARDIS | various location

Giant Redwood
JSR State Park
238 feet (72.54 metres) tall, with a diameter of 23.24 feet (7.08 metres), and 87 feet (26.51 metres) in circumference.
It is an estimated 2527 years old

Tira Zebra
Masai Mara National Reserve
Tira has a rare genetic mutation called pseudomelanism that causes an abnormality in her stripe pattern, though all Zebra stripes are as unique as fingerprints.


Dawn Dancing Otter, DD
The Alchemist's Path
Since 1990, Dawn completed mentorships in yoga and  ritual studies. She is the founder of international programs, including in Bosnia, working with trauma.
Peter le Breton, PhD
Free Range Elder
As a free ranging elder, I treasure fresh experiences in which there is sensitivity to the complexity and beauty of life in the raw.
Perth, Australia

David Hatfield, MEd MA
Edges: Process: Transformation
David teaches group facilitation to re-imagine and re-enact the way we live. He instructs a cappella improvisational singing internationally and loves biking.
Vancouver,  BC
Chris Ralston (retired)
Career Counsellor
Chris has been a teacher, a farmer, a contractor and ever a gardening fanatic who loves the Cook Islands and Turkey and Scotland. He is a master conversationalist.
Duncan, BC
Roberta Skye
Interspecies  Communication
Roberta studied tantra, learned drumming in New Zealand, and went to Africa to work with big cat rehabilitation. She is a healer and intuitive energy orchestrater.
Salt Spring Island, BC

David MacMurray Smith
Fantastic Space Enterprises
David has worked professionally in the areas of theatre, ballet, opera, mime, and clown, as a creator, a performer, a director, a choreographer, and an educator.
Bowen Island, BC
Theresa Thomas, BA
Initiated Dagara Elder
Theresa originally studied Environmental Design. She is an initiated Diviner and Elder of the Dagara since 2006.. She travelled to Burkina Fasso several times.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Little Woo
Inner Compass Training
Woo is an international teacher, speaker, mentor, and multi-disciplinary artist, who helps creatives find clarity and inspiration around life purpose.
Vancouver, BC
Michel Vles
Musician and Tai Chi Instructor
Vles studied music at Concordia University and plays multiple wind instruments. He has studied Tai Chi for 30 years and also is a deep lover of poetry.


Résumé | Team

"It was the birth of agriculture—the moment we succumbed to the cult of the seed— that the poetry of the shaman was replaced by the prose of the priesthood. Because of course the shaman’s role, was, by definition, to seek the catalytic release of the individual’s wild genius, whereas the priest’s role was to actually inculcate the collective into a religious ideology that could serve the organized, sedentary community. So this modern world that we’ve moved through in the last 10,000 years . . . is just one thread in the human tradition."

Wade Davis, Ethnobotanist
National Geographic

"I will not lace my scars

around my neck,

for you to admire . . . 

I will wear my scars,

like War Paint"

Mira Hadlow

Medicine rests upon four pillars - philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics.


I think all chefs who pursue great flavour have good ethics.

Dan Barber

A pledge from Faculty and Apprentices

We seek the catalytic release of the Wild Genius, and to critique contemporary organization of society and the colonized mind. We seek to reintroduce non-dogmatic practices of ritual into modernity and remnant cultures, while also being guided by the principles of intact customs and lineages of practice.



  • educate and encourage rather than foster dependence

  • inform responsibly about the context and particulars of ritual processes

  • show up for healing work to be done as agreed with presence and attention



  • reciprocate communication with our ancestors, totems, dreams, and spirit guides

  • develop our awareness of sensitivities and remedies for personal self care

  • maintain the active emergence of integrations and discernments in our growth



  • celebrate different religious, cultural, ancestral and socio-economic backgrounds

  • include both genders, and all sexual orientations and body types

  • recognize the intersecting legacies of colonialism, oppression, and ecological desecration



  • honour the limits of these healing methods, personal training, and client suitability

  • refer as needed to other psychological, medical, and religious professionals

  • encourage cooperation by resolving conflicts directly and actively supporting colleagues



  • We affirm that all people are indigenous and native to Earth, and that we best prosper with a human sense of inclusion, village and home.

  • We work to call forth people to have better relationships over time with discernment between nurturing and toxic energies.

  • We pledge to utilize collegial support navigating the relational complexity of this work with multifaceted stakeholders and contexts, with the understanding that it takes a village.  



  • We affirm that each person has a unique guiding wild genius whose proper vocation is the contribution of renewal and the updating of traditions in an initiated way.

  • We work to call forth the expression of life purpose, working with the awareness of challenge and opportunity presented by life separation and leadership moments.

  • We pledge to recognize that expression has differing costs due to rank, class, accessibility, power, and privilege, whether in symptoms, body signals, or words said.



  • We affirm that everyone is injured by the grief and grief illiteracy of this time, whether personal, historical, ancestral, environmental, or social.

  • We work to call forth the high style expression of grief and praise to feed life and send hungry ghosts onward to their proper vocation in the world of ancestors.

  • We pledge to educate about grief and praise, to both listen to and encourage expression of, grief and praise in an initiated way connected with both life and death.



  • We affirm that ancestors are a shared human heritage whose wisdom is meant to help the living, and that some of the dead remain un-ancestral-ized as hungry ghosts.

  • We work to call forth the strength of relationship with the ancestral realm including the idea that there are a team of ancestors wiling to ally with each person.

  • We pledge to encourage clients to claim ancestral gifts, especially through the medium of mythic imagery, to honour obscured and marginalized histories, to help the dead be dead.



  • We affirm that reaction and response are both biological intelligences which are a foundation of the trickster wisdom and guile that we seek to strengthen.

  • We work to call forth grit and grace in the service of the natural ecological dynamic equilibrium tension between sovereignty and community.

  • We pledge to develop a managing, orchestrating, ringmaster present awareness to navigate in clarity between the grit and the grace with guile.

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