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One of the most brilliant healers I know trustworthy he can articulate the heartbeat of the Holy haven't laughed that long or hard in a long time the most interesting divination session I have ever attended a guide through the wild spaces reminded me of my wild expressive ability a unique and astounding ability to conceptualize and organize free-flowing ideas the Listener and the Translator stands onside with the natural authority of elemental forces wisdom humor experience and compassion shares his own expression my authentic power and natural intelligence are coming online an expert at guiding others through their confusing experiences of grief anger ecstasy and the whole array of human emotion.



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Grief Ritual 2019
Jen Muranetz Estoria Productions
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Olduvai Expedition 2012
Rohaan Daroo
Earth Ritual 2011
Rohaan Daroo
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What people say about the ritual work

Résumé | Testimonials | Commendations
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Natania Mary
Energy Healer
He knows how to make the link between imagery and experience, and craft a unique ritual catered to the person and the situation . . .
Vancouver, BC
Olduvai Expedition
Ashley Rose
Professional Actor
he stands onside with the natural authority of elemental forces and the essential harkening of our souls . . . 
Vancouver, BC
Olduvai Expedition
Linda Aleks
The grief rituals were so healing of my trauma-infested life patterns that I now participate as a way of “emotional maintenance.”
Vancouver, BC
Olduvai Expedition
Navaro Franco
Professional Percussionist
It was the most interesting divination session I have ever attended. And I have tried readings thru my life with many Diviners . . . 
Divination Introduction
Patti Gera
Community Development
When I experienced the Reconciliation of the Genders weekend last fall, a shift occurred in my being so deeply that I feel it will last a life time . . .
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Reconciliation of the Genders
Anna Czapieska
Community Development
There is a deep struggle that comes with the territory of his work, the place of crossed traditions, hurt cultures and human relationships . . .
Toronto, Ontario
Earth Initiation
Sobey Wing
Community Development
Jones is a guide through the wild spaces. He is a mirror of a heightened explorer in all of us that is seeking the spirit world of the ancestors . . . 
Vancouver, BC
Bespoke Community Grief Ritual
Scott East
Possibility Management
The events create a unique micro climate of community . . . 
Video 03:00
Duncan, BC
Nature Immersion Weekend
Collin Chin
I wasn't looking for anything specific, but when I came here, the energy was just amazing . . .

Video 03:00
Vancouver, BC
Nature Immersion Weekend
Draegon Loretta Laurin
Yoga and Dance Instructor
I've opened up areas of myself that I had closed off, and lifted some huge and painful blocks. I have gained new practical tools for expressing and moving . . . 
Vancouver, BC
Kinetic Connection movement
David Yates
Performer and Musician
WOW! I've experienced diaphragm release before, but Randy's guidance took it to a whole new level. I haven't laughed that long or hard . . .
Vancouver, BC
Kinetic Connection movement
Stephanie Webb
Professional Woodworker
You reminded me that I had some abilities, and that with some discipline and practice and support I could get some powers back.
Montreal, Quebec
Coaching on Life Purpose
Karen Enslin
Registered Nurse
It was a ‘letting go’ ritual in which I was able to set free past emotional attachment to people I was no longer involved with.
Bespoke personal ritual
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