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Journeys | StoryCarrier | Overview

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This page has all information on the StoryCarrier Mentorship with timing for North America and Australia.

In this section:
  • Quick Facts & Invitation
  • Testimonials
  • Why a StoryCarrier's Training?
  • Wisdom and Resiliency for Modern Times

Invitation—Begins Friday, November 19, 2021

Quick Facts & Figures:
  • 2.5 hour zoom class, usually the 3rd Friday of the month
  • Canada or USA GMT-7 | PST 16h00 to 18h30
  • Australia (Saturdays) GMT+8 | WAST 8h00 to 10h30
  • 60 minute 1 to 1 mentoring once per month
  • Small cohort of 20 maximum and private online forum
  • Tuition 3 month semester $445 CAD | $480 AUD

“A myth tells the truth—

without the use of facts.”

Daniel Deardorff
Mellisa Min
President Story Telling Guild  AUS
As a storyteller myself, I sat with a sense of connection, kinship and wonder at the healing process that was revealed.
Perth, Australia
A Day for Abundance Mythtelling
Andrea Villa
Rites of Passage Leader
He can articulate the heart beat of the Holy and wrestle and bring home precious meaning and knowledge from the Unknown, fierce and deep at the same time . . 
Young Men's Adventure Weekend
Tony Alferez
IT Project Management Executive
Randy is expert at guiding others through their confusing experiences of grief, anger, ecstasy and the whole array of human emotions . . .
Portland, Oregon
Discovery Weekend

Invitation—Begins Sunday, November 19, 2021

There is a world wide resurgence of interest in old tales and their telling. Something badgers our bones and scratches an ear calling us to pay attention. Truth be told, an old myth or story seeks to pass on and uncover the renewable sources of wisdom, resiliency and inclusion to each generation. It wants to be generous.

You will learn how to uncover the particular guidance a myth is meant to give to each listener personally. Not a moral of the story, for myth never really does that. Not a general advice, for the wisdom is peculiar to the moment. And yet the value in working in a group shows everyone the riches of the "storehouse" hidden in each tale.

Both wounds and genius get spoken of in the context of a ritual telling and working session. This path of training will be practical—we will study one story a month. We work as if under the guidance of a kind of Elder (the story itself), who has heard all of the details of life many times before. We find here initiation, trouble, style, and sass, and the making of powerful alliances in the mythic world.

Many types of people could benefit from this mentorship. Storytellers, facilitators, performers,  counsellors, or those wanting to delve in for personal reasons.

Portions of this training are also presented live in a weekend format, including ritual in "Word of Skill: The Silence of Things Secret." Those in the mentorship have reduced tuition. That weekend will be presented as travel is allowed again in the UK and Europe and Australia.

The program is facilitated by Randy Jones, author of

"Medicine Without an Expiry Date:

Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble."

Why a Storycarrier's Training?

An old tradition says that tellers of tales are also meant to be trained as diagnosticians able to prescribe a next step for healing. Across cultures, myth holds encoded information, encompassing concerns ranging from ecology to initiation of the soul. This mentorship teaches how to make a bridge between the hidden instructions and practical healing for listeners and community.

By necessity, the work relies on own personal relating to the myths. Each month, we will work with one story. That will be the common journey we undertake to uncover an embodied application. We will do practical assignments, sometimes together, and sometimes personal. We will have an ongoing discussion active in our private online forum. The 1 to 1 mentoring will help guide you.

Wisdom and Resiliency for Modern Times

We will work primarily with Northern European tales, seen through the viewpoint of the five elements of the West African Dagara cosmology—Earth, Mineral, Water, Fire, and Nature. These elements each represent some natively human challenges and opportunities—issues of welcome, purpose, grief, ancestry, transition. These are the timeless issues and complexities that story wisdom provides a compass-like guidance to navigating.

The storehouse of wisdom held in myth is much more contemporary and revolutionary than one might think at first glance. As Martin Shaw has said, "The stories arrived right on time, 5000 years ago." To understand this requires a ritual working with stories, differing from entertainment. 

To humans, young or old, the stories have been around so long that they begin to look as if they might be Elders of a type in relation to the human world. And it is certainly a time when the world is longing for Eldership to replace the poverty of simple "Oldership." Our adventure is nothing less than part of the old training from many cultures that suggests that Elders, at least in part, get trained in the work of story.



Journeys | StoryCarrier | Details

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This section explains the technicalities of the mentorship. 

In this section:
  • Starts Friday | November 19 | 2021
  • Zoom Calls
  • Ritual assignments
  • 1 to 1 Coaching
  • On Line Platform

Starts Sunday | November 19 | 2021

  • Tuition 3 month semester $445 CAD | $480 AUD

  • Sign up for one semester at a time (3 months)

  • Full program is 5 semesters

  • Group size | Limited to 20


Usually on the third Friday of each month.

Dates For Semester One

November 19 | 2021

  • PST   | 16h00 | Vancouver | Friday

  • WAST  | 08h00 | Perth | Saturday

  • AEST | 11h00 | Sydney | Saturday

December 17 | 2021

  • PST   | 16h00 | Vancouver | Friday

  • WAST  | 08h00 | Perth | Saturday

  • AEST | 11h00 | Sydney | Saturday

January 21 | 2022

  • PST   | 16h00 | Vancouver | Friday

  • WAST  | 08h00 | Perth | Saturday

  • AEST | 11h00 | Sydney | Saturday

Zoom Calls

Zoom Monthly | 3rd Friday |2.5 hours

Group size | Limited to 20

On each call, we will begin with a process of settling in and greeting each other. Always there will be a short talk on the territory tackled in the story.  Of course, a story will be told—one per month. That will get covered in the first half of the call, before a quick break.

The second half of the call will be "working with the story." Each of us finds a certain moment in the story, unique to this day. After returning from the small groups, together we will make the small "ritual tasks" that is the human way of working with the mythic.

Ritual Assignments

Practical problems and real life issues are meant to be brought to the gathering in this tradition of work. Out of the imagery in the story, working with traditional ideas of healing and ritual, a task is developed which is a "next step" in the dealing with the things that have been brought.

Of course, this takes practice. That is why there is a suggested full program of 5 semesters spanning 15 months. During that time, you will learn the skills, and it is quite likely that there will be some evolution in the circumstances of your life, which you can credit to the myths themselves and the ritual process.

1 to 1 Coaching

Included in Tuition | 60 minute 1 to 1 call | monthly

1 to 1, we will further refine the skill of personally applying the particular wisdom of each story. Mythteller Credo Mutwa said, "If you have a dream, you are supposed to get up in the morning, and start walking toward that dream."


A story is also like a dream, something from the mystery of the mythic world. Working with the story includes the "other-than-human" in our affairs. To support your ritual assignments, this time together (on the phone) is a time to refine how to use the work personally and powerfully.

On Line Platform

Our platform is private and independent of the social media giants. There is an area for coursework and resources, a visiting area private to the StoryCarriers, and also access to the visiting space shared with those in the Gatekeeper ritual leadership apprenticeship. You will meet some very interesting people, I am sure.

The platform also has an App which works quite well on cell phones, enabling conversation with other participants. I will moderate the space (mostly on a daily basis), and provide answers to specific questions in discussions.​

See the gateway for the online Studio HERE

“Only to a magician is the world forever fluid, infinitely mutable and eternally new. Only she knows the secret of change, only she knows truly that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else, and it is from this universal tension that she draws her power.”

Peter S. Beagle
The Last Unicorn


Journeys | StoryCarrier | Content

In brief:

Here is a recap of some important principles in this work—Elements as a map, myth as a compass, ritual as practice. 

In this section:
  • Elements—The StoryCarrier's Map
  • Myth—The  Compass of Attention
  • Ritual—A Practice for Steering

Elements—The StoryCarrier's Map

As mentioned above, the five Elements of the West African Dagara cosmology—Earth, Mineral, Water, Fire, and Nature are a map we will refer to.


Always we are dealing with the Grit and the Grace . . . and more often than not, the Guile needed to navigate them. In a very real way, we are on the territory of the elements. They are like Titans to our human sense of scale, yet we feel their powers stirring in us constantly. We will work in the stories holding the map of the Elements to locate our place.

We will have them visit us in the course of the stories.

Myth—The Compass of Attention

To carry a story, more than the simple telling, is to have undergone some examination in the way the story affects the teller. Only in this way can the teller be able to step into the secret aspect of their craft—as a listener to the responses that come from an audience with a deep compassion and wit. To help find bearings. To know how to prescribe practical ritual.

The circumstances described in the myths are timeless situations that all people in all times experience. We will learn, by practice, the way of bringing the personal into conversation with the perennial. We will bring practical life issues to meet the wisdom in myth. The myth doesn't tell you what to do—it helps you understand what the situation already really is anyway.

Ritual—A Practice for Steering

Our goal is to receive some particular, personal detail from each story, and turn it into a worthy task. We are working with a deep re-education of the modern fascination about transcendence to balance it with the wisdom of the emergent. Such a task has a practical effect of training, practicing, attention directing, or discovery. This small (and once in a while, larger) task is called a ritual task. It is a mysterious small adventure that holds the possibility of stepping into a new identity.  As always, working with an indigenous sensibility that "it takes a village," we will witness each other and support the work.

Ritual tasks, in this context, are steps that do something different enough to make a difference. Often they are some kind of art or task to be aware of on a daily basis for a while. Sometimes they can be a task designed to change the nature of a relationship with an old injury or habit that has been living out in the life of a living person. Always they are designed to bring a particular step of wisdom from the mythic world into this world.  


The ritual task can also be spoken of as a kind of retiring of "hungry ghosts," that are feeding on the living in a parasitic way. As that transformation occurs, the power of the ancestors to become healthy allies is revealed. Personal work will build the capacity to give blessings and reflections to the responses of your listeners to the material in the myths, becoming a valuable map and compass reader who can steer reliably toward healing.

“The medium is the message” implies that the invention of a dichotomy between content and method is both naïve and dangerous. It implies that the critical content of any learning experience is the method or process through which the learning occur

Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner
 Teaching as a Subversive Activity


Journeys | Storycarrier | Registration

In brief:

The registration procedure is to first have a short informal call with Randy, sign up for the classes and send the tuition for the first three month semester, then receive the email with instructions for the zoom call and signing up to the online platform.

In this section:
  • Let's have a conversation
  • How to register and send tuition
  • All praises

Let's have a conversation

If you've gotten this far and are interested in joining, I am  looking forward very much to meeting you.


This call is informal! It is just to get to know each other a bit, and to help you be clear that the program will be right for you. You can also clear up any questions that you may have, and I can personally welcome you to the program.

Before we speak, consider that there will likely be some things that are revealed through the story work that will make you reflect (perhaps deeply) on aspects of your life. This is a healing process as well as a learning process. Joining is a commitment to work with the Grit and the Grace. You might be changed by the process.


And we will get through it together.

Register and send tuition

On the call, we can confirm details for tuition payment; it can be done right through the scheduling app on this site. Just go to the first page, and scroll down to "Booking a Call" in the Connect section. Here is a direct link:


Registration and payment for the StoryCarrier Mentorship is done here:




After you register, an automatic email will be sent out that will include the following details:

Zoom link and password

instructions to join Signal app and find me

Instructions for joining the private online platform

A reminder about the details:

  • Tuition per semester $445 CAD | $480 AUD

  • Sign up for one semester at a time (3 months)

  • Full program is 5 semesters

  • Group size | Limited to 20


On the third Friday (usually) of each month.

Dates For Semester One

November 19 | 2021

  • PST   | 16h00 | Vancouver | Friday

  • WAST  | 08h00 | Perth | Saturday

  • AEST | 11h00 | Sydney | Saturday

December 17 | 2021

  • PST   | 16h00 | Vancouver | Friday

  • WAST  | 08h00 | Perth | Saturday

  • AEST | 11h00 | Sydney | Saturday

January 21 | 2022

  • PST   | 16h00 | Vancouver | Friday

  • WAST  | 08h00 | Perth | Saturday

  • AEST | 11h00 | Sydney | Saturday

Please arrive to zoom call 5 minutes early!

Each 3 month module is paid in advance, and attendance is expected at all calls, except in extenuating circumstances. The story will be provided on video to view in case it is absolutely necessary to miss a call. Please note that privacy for Zoom calls (or replays) is required due to the topics and personal sharing.


At the time of registration we will work out meeting times for our 1 to 1 coaching, and make sure that will work for both of us. You will also get a link to the online platform.

Some technical considerations:


  • proficiency in English speaking and writing

  • a computer and internet for the Zoom call

  • a cell phone with Signal App for our 1 to 1 calls

All praises

First, thank you for doing what it took to be here to face this time of being alive with all of its challenge and jeopardy. Keep going. Your work is needed in the world.

And thank you to the teachers I have been especially influenced by—Michael Meade, Robert Bly, Danny Deardorff, Martin Shaw, Martín Prechtel, Robert Johnson.

And all praises as well to the generations before that somehow had the fortitude to keep the old stories close enough that we could borrow them again today.

“Gaia visited her daughter, Mnemosyne,

who was busy being . . .  unpronounceable.”

Stephen Fry
Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold
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