Wild Genius | Apprenticeship | Synopsis

Apprenticeship?     Not for the faint of heart.

The overall vision of this program

 The Forgotten Waters apprenticeship is suitable either as an introduction or a professional development for practitioners who are already working with people in varying capacities.

It investigates the question of "What is health and wellness?' from a perspective of traditional knowledge and ritual. The program encourages a radical critique of contemporary society combined with teachings, reflection, practice, coaching, and the development of a strong online peer group.


Participants will develop a skill and knowledge base that will refine and focus toward practical expression in community throughout the process. Apprentices will integrate their own unique skills and interests with a knowledge of the deep structure of ritual.

It is informed through a great influence of indigenous traditional knowledge, the oral tradition of myth, ritual sensibility, and a deep emphasis on discernment about the perennial argument between tradition and innovation.

The main metaphor of the apprenticeship is of a journey to recover some of the mythic lost waters of life and waters of death and return them to community as a healing balm.


As the desertificaiton of modernity spreads geographically and philosophically, the diversity of life and culture is under attack. At the same time, the initiated understanding of what death means is no longer a guiding force in a modern world hell bent on consumption. The real medicine for these injuries are peculiar, local, eccentric, and idiosyncratic, and because of this very fact, should rely on a disciplined foundation to activate.

The program is designed to accommodate both newer learners and experienced leaders through the self directed nature of activities and the ethic of village support, and requires personal maturity.


In the very earliest time,
when both people and
animals lived on the earth,
a person could become an
animal if he wanted to,
and an animal could become
a human being.
Sometimes they were people,
and sometimes animals,
and there was no difference.
All spoke the same language.

Inuit, traditional


The world needs a wide diversity of water carriers.

Your interest is a primary qualification.


Anyone with an interest in healing work or leadership is encouraged to apply after reviewing the relevant materials.

For those entirely new to this kind of work or healing work, participation at a weekend event or one of our other forthcoming training programs may be a more appropriate first step. This program requires that participants have some considerable maturity.

For leaders and teachers of dance, movement, community circles, ritual and ceremony, sound healing, or the like, you will find a treasure trove of knowledge to incorporate into your practice.

For counsellors, healers, or coaches, this will introduce you to perspectives beyond individual psychology about sources of anguish and offer tools to broaden your practice to include the village.

For storytellers, an opportunity to see the depth of the true tradition which held that the storyteller is a carrier, with all that implies—knowing how to draw a contemporary ritual from the story and knowing how to work with images in myth to activate healing.

For those being asked for Eldership from their community— a deepening of the answers you offer to impossible questions.


"The shape of an
African Elephant's ear
is the shape of Africa; 
The shape of an
Indian Elephant's ear
is the shape of India . . ." 

Heathcote Wiliams

"Sacred Elephant"


Unparraleled Community Ritual Leadership Skills for the 21st Century


  • Admission by interview

  • Closely supervised with a supportive peer group

  • Estimated an average of 4 hours / week plus programs


  • Readings from primary sources

  • Weekly on-line group calls

  • Relationship building with the five Elements


  • Co-Producing community ritual as praxis

  • Undergoing radical ritual

  • Understanding ritual design


  • Monthly one on one mentoring calls

  • Coaching on trouble, jeopardy and opportunity

  • Highlight the unique nature of your own medicine


  • [2] day long programs / year 

  • [2] weekend programs / year


  • 12 month initial commitment

  • Tuition $200—$300 / month [Sliding scale] CAD equivalent

  • Tuition includes all program attendance & tuition fees

  • Not included is nominal food and accomodation event costs

Water carriers now, as in all ages past, are challenged to span the tension between traditional instruction and the needs of the contemporary situation.


Joining this expeditionary force is to let the dictates of curiosity and talent wrestle to discover, uncover, and recover the unique nature of your own medicine and wild genius.

Training Began in May 2020 . . . 

  • Study, experiential exercises and ritual work

  • 4 hours per week should be scheduled

  • Online group video calls and interaction with your peers

  • Assist in bringing experiential events to your community

2021 Update . . . 


5 new spaces only are available for the April 2021 intake. Deadline for application is March 15. Our group includes members from Canada and Australia.

NOTE: In Person Events on Hold Pending Developments  of Covid 19 Vaccination Success. The following are tentatively scheduled:


  • Forming or refining a practice and body of work uniquely yours

  • Introduces you to guest teachers and other traditions

  • Continued cohort interaction and coaching

  • Developing the business model of your practice


"When lovers of life
get ready to dance,
the earth shakes,
the sky trembles"

Jalal ad-Din Rumi

"The world needs leadership from people who understand traditional knowledge deeply. People who know the language of spirit and are skilled enough to readily adapt that knowledge for real contemporary needs and situations."

"There is a need to be 'devotional' to the studies, to learn even the challenging instructions of spirit which invite us to go deeper than we thought possible. This is why teaching, coaching, and a supportive peer group is such a benefit on that kind of journey. You will be held with respect and encouragement."


"Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble"

Board of Advisors (Alphabetical)

Dawn Dancing Otter, DD

Founder of The Alchemist's Path​


Howard Eaton, EdM

Principle / CEO Eaton Arrowsmith

Abi Wellness / Watson Brain Health


David Hatfield, MEd Social Ecology, MA Process Work

David Hatfield Leadership Consultant

Chris Ralston BEd Social Studies

Career Counsellor and Teacher (Retired)


David MacMurray Smith 

Fantastic Space Enterprises

Little Woo

Sacred Dream Program School of Enchantment


Malidoma Somé

Dagara Elder and Diviner

Theresa Thomas BA

Initiated Dagara Elder



"If hearts were given to
Doesn’t that prove that
pratfalls are a form of dancing?
Back me up in astonishment,
Don’t let me weep alone with
this beauty
Today might be a North Day,
A Dragon Day
Are you going with me?"

Sophia Chinook